Welcome to the Kidhood

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Suave asked our team at Story Worldwide to establish a creative platform that helps grow the kids shampoo category. We created a new platform with it's own branding to capture the attention of moms and inspire them to bring home the new Suave Kids Purely Fun line of products. Below is the insight we focused on.

There are a certain set of years that are like no other in a kid’s life. They exist between precious baby time and aggressive teen angst—when kids become increasingly self aware, with unique wants and needs. They learn to choose, defy, express, create, invent and wield an entire new range of emotions. Kids go through this time together—finding their individuality though camaraderie.

For parents, the choices they make during this time are influenced by constant stream of opinions, watch-outs and goals. It can at times feel overwhelming. It makes our deliberate optimist mom think back to her own childhood, when kids were given the time and space to grow into their weird and wonderful selves. When we valued the natural evolution of  “growing up.” 

Welcome to that time. Welcome to The Kidhood

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To kick it all off, we’ll extend an invitation to The Kidhood by sharing the video with bloggers, along with personalized kits that welcome bloggers and their kids to The Kidhood. These kits will communicate the product message for Suave Kids and contain everything they need to experience full Kidhood in the bath.

Bloggers will also be given the opportunity to give away kits to their followers.

We’ll use a campaign landing page to expand the circle of loyalists by offering a set number of kits up consumers with proof of purchase. 

We’ll also offer customization online by way of clings and vinyls that help kids customize their very own “blank-slate” Suave Kids bottles.

In The Kidhood, things can get messy, just like at The Nickleodeon Kids Choice awards. So why not lend a helping hand? We'll set up branded Suave Kids Clean Stations with product on the set for celebrities and kids in the audience that get covered in slime.