Telling the story of Story

Generally we find that our most difficult client is us. That is why most agency sites are over-designed, over-engineered and go through multiple, multiple rounds of tweaks before finally seeing the light of day. We were in that same situation and realized the current site needed to be redone only a few months after it (finally) launched. Not many people know who Story is and what had been done so I wanted to make sure that when they visited, it was a simple, clean and informative responsive experience. One single page with all the basics that linked out to individual case study/work sample pages of present and past clients. Here is the result: 

In December 2015 we found ourselves with 9 days until the desired holiday card delivery date and 0 ideas on the table... so we came up with an idea, tweaked it, began execution, took a step back, tweaked again, executed again and delivered on time. Well, the morning after on time. You know, how these things usually happen. 
The experience introduces our audience to a main foundation of storytelling and how we work as an agency. Along with 4 other members of the art team, we executed a chalkboard mural, custom iconography and unique animated illustrations for all 12 possible archetype results. We mapped out the quiz and flow and ended up with what I think is a simple yet fun and enjoyable experience. Pretty much what a holiday card should be. Oh, and I almost got arrested by the building super for "borrowing" some decorations out of the lobby. True story. 

ECD: Heidi Waldusky
CD/AD: Kyle Bernhardt
Sr Copywriter: Steve Jacobs
Illustrators: Alex Braxton, Ash Oat, Michael Bagnardi, Kim Weiner, Kyle Bernhardt
Sr Creative Technologist: Fran Devinney