Problem solving the impossible

In October 2015, we launched phase one of a campaign based on journalistic storytelling to demonstrate SEI's extensive expertise and powerful history of innovation, risk taking and helping clients through some of their toughest financial challenges. We wanted to convey the truly differentiated partner SEI is, with real people and real examples of how they have helped clients overcome some of their greatest challenges in order to grow their business. 

Each of the six stories is compelling on its own with a Fortune Magazine cover wrap print ad and a unique parallax story page with data viz and customized graphics. Together they show the strength of SEI in a truly powerful way.

The campaign site can be viewed here:

Sandy Ewing and SEI played a key role in one of the biggest government settlements in American history: a multi-billion-dollar payout to hundreds of thousands of Native Americans.

Two huge banks partnered with SEI and Kevin O’Connell to navigate an incredibly complex merger. O’Connell knew it wouldn’t be easy. But his SEI team was ready for the challenge.

Mark was the go to for his clients. Always available and commonly on the road he tells the story of one of the most challenging onboardings with a new account.  

Agency: Story Worldwide, New York
Creative Director: Andrew Payton
Creative Director: Kyle Bernhardt
Sr. Art Director: Justin Norman
Copywriters: Adam Penenberg, Kirk Cheyfitz, Bree Sposato
Photographer: Chris Buck